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What's Russian Blue?
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Snow-Island cattery breeds Russian Blues only and is located in Kanagawa, Japan.
My goal is to produce Russians who have the CFA breed standard with beauty, health and sweet personality. And I hope that the eager general fans of Russian Blue increase.
Snow-Island is a member of the CFA Russian Breed Council and a regular member of the Russian Blue Fanciers.
My breeding is not business. And My cattery is small, I only have 2 to 5 litters in a year. So I can't have kittens for sale always.

It was in 1993 that I first purchased a Russian Blue, and I started breeding in 1994.
I was in the 6th grade when I first knew about a cat called Russian Blue. I was reading a book about cats at the library and the book showed Russian Blue with a caption "Winter Fairy." I was very intrigued, and hoped that I would have this cat in the future.

I most of all wish to produce Russian Blues with sweet personality.
I never sell kittens to pet mart or the breeder who sell to pet mart.
In Japan, We can see too young kittens in pet mart always. And "to sell 2 month old kittens" is generally known.
However, I will not allow it.
Our kittens can leave at least after 14 weeks with finished vaccine 2 times.
I do not ship our cats. Because I would like to meet new owners directly.

I love sleeping with cats. I am taking pleasure in living with Russian Blues!

My English is poor. So please send me a e-mail in easy English if you want to contact me.
I'm Japanese, I live in Kanagawa, Japan and our house is located in rather suburban area.

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